Create Your Freedom 6-Week Group Course!

Whether you are working, unemployed, self-employed or contemplating leaving your 9-5, this start-up course will give you an insight into how to turn your passion into your key to freedom! 

ATTENTION! This course DOES NOT a bunch of generic, pre-corded videos that you can simply watch at your own leisure! Our aim is to get you to take REAL ACTION towards your personal freedom. Therefore we have made sure that the Create Your Freedom course is:


Throughout the 6-weeks we will have weekly online meetings discussing a particular topic and step for that week - with plenty of intereaction in-between! You will be free to ask quesitons, make comments and also share ideas


Not only will the course provide you with plenty of advice and knowledge, I will also be drawing on my own business experiences, sharing what I did right and wrong and what you can do to succeed at each step that you take 


The aim of this course is to equip you with what you need to take those initial entrepreneurial steps on your journey to creating your own personal freedom - so, yes I will be encouraging you with weekly challenges and reminding you of those challenges mid-week. Results are a must!

Not your average Online Course

Please do not view this course as something that you just need to get through in order to get to the next step or to gain the knowledge you need. See it rather as an exciting adventure that you are embarking on, that will challenge you to think and take steps out of your normal, everyday activity. A £160 investment that could change the course of your life, just as a 2-day creative course (costing more than £160) changed mine! What's more, this course will make you part of a relatively small community of like-minded people - so you are not embarking on this journey alone! I also always aim to "keep it real" with you, sharing the goods, bads and uglies of my experience in business from startup to present day! 

Additionally, here is a brief of the areas we will cover in this course. We will go into each of these in detail and focus our weekly challenges around them, as well as discussing real life case studies - inlcuding my own personal experiences:

1.) What should you be doing right now? Focussing on the right thing, right now and not getting caught up with "seemingly important" things as this is often the root cause of delay and procrastination!

2.) Selling yourself - Your Niche -What makes you special? How to find your niche and start selling it!

3.) Selling yourself - Marketing - The many ways to promote yourself and your product/service without breaking the bank

4.) Creative Thinking - How to get ahead by thinking (and acting) creatively, boldly and out of the box!

5.) Money, Money, Money - Money issues, from budgeting and planning to saving money with the right choices in business

6.) Business Pearls - If you decide you are serious about taking the next steps in business, then I have some great business pearls for you!

Our Guarantee to you

As with everything, what you put in is what you get out! So, while we cannot promise you that you will be a successful entrepreneur by the end of this course, here's what we can guarantee you:

- You will be well equipped with the necessary steps to start making money from your passion by the end of this course

- You will have free, lifetime access to our Journey to Freedom private community

- You will have the opportunity to have 6 coaching sessions for the price of 4 - an offer exclusively available to our Create Your Freedom course participants

- 40% discount on our follow-on business courses, should you wish to take the next steps in starting up/running a business - an offer exclusively available to our Create Your Freedom course participants

Start creating your freedom today and sign up to our 6-week course for £160.00