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If you want to get off the 9-5 treadmill and embark on a journey of personal freedom, entrepreneurialism and a better quality of life, then our Journey to Freedom private community is for you! 

You can trial out the community for as little at £2.00 for 14 days, or take advantage of our special offer annual memberships, with private coaching sessions included 

Here's a little more information about me:

I was a "serial job-hopper" going from 9-5 to 9-5 because I had no true passion or contentment in any role! Although I didnt quite know what I wanted to do career-wise, I knew that I didn't want to spend the majority of the rest of my life working for someone else! I also knew that I wanted to be more time-rich! I wanted freedom! I wanted time to do the things I loved and be around the people I loved, without having to fit them around the very limited time that I had outside of work. I wanted a better quality of life!

I first set out on a mission to find my passion - what it was that I loved and enjoyed doing, When I found that, I had a desire inside of me to feed that passion and see how far it could take me. I engaged in this passion whilst at work, bu after a while it was time for me to remove the safety net of a set salary and venture into the unknown! This was the start of my entrepreneurial journey! 

Several years later, I am a founder andn owner of The Bejewelled Academy Ltd - prior to which I had my own jewellery line, which I sold at several outlets including ASOS. I have gained invaluable experience on this journey and more importantly, I have the type of lifestyle that I dreamt of when I first set out on this journey. I am able to spend quality time with the people I love, travel, manage my own time and have no limits to my own creativity and ideas. The photos above are just a few of the many I have taken on various travels, but I havent posted them for the sake of looking pretty or filling a space on this page. I have posted them because they represent the many moments when I have stood still, admired the view and looked back on my journey, thinking "I am so gratfeul for where I am today" Despite many difficulties, the decision to embark on this journey has been one of the best I have made so far...

One of the main difficulties I faced was a lack of support from those around me. Looking back I realise that this wasnt the fault of anyone - it was simply down to the fact that I had chosen an uncommon path and others did not quite understand it. "Why leave a well-paying, secure job for something so unsure? Especially during the economic downturn?" I heard this alot and this was one of the more polite questions/comments that came at me! 

The lack of support was painful but the little support I did receive made all of the difference! It's for this reason that I started the Journey to Freedom private community! If you are serious about embarking on this brave journey to a life with no limits - a life of freedom, then you will soon realise that the journey can be a lonely one. The aim of the private community is to offer support in several forms, in order to keep that fire burning and to keep you moving until you reach your personal promised land and beyond. Take a look below for more details about the private community and how to join.

Why a Private Community?

I am very committed to what we do and want to make sure that the people I work with are genuinely passionate and committed about embarking on this entrepreneurial journey. You may have heard this before and the saying is true - "birds of a feather flock together" so flock with birds that are determined to fly high! 

As a member of the JTF private community you will have access to:


A hub of like-minded people with whom you will be able to network and share experiences


Regular recordings, online meetings/webinars where I will be answering your questions


I will be sharing advice, tips and guidance based on my 9 years experience in creating a business from the ground up. You will be privy to the things I did wrong and the things I did very well! This is a very personal community and my aim is not to present a polished image of starting up and entrepreneuralism, but to present true accounts of my experiences, knowledge and lessons learnt as well as all the great things about being in business! 


I will be regularly providing information on opportunities for funding and training, that could benefit your business projects as well as providing you with tips on how you can get started right now!


Weekly motivation to keep up the momentum and keep that fire in your belly burning throughout the week and beyond!


The additional option of personal, one to one coaching and mentoring will be available to members of the community. The benefit of one to one coaching is that you will be investing in a service tailor-made to you. See our membership options below for an offer that will include 4 coaching sessions

Membership Options

You're just one step away from a small, but very significant foot forward on your journey to your personal freedom! Take a look at our membership options:

Trial Standard Membership

With our trial standard membership you can join for the first 14 days for only £2.00 and pay £25.00 per month membership fee after that. As stated above you will access to the private community and will be able to have your business questions and concerns addressed as well as access to resources and support to help you on your journey!

Special Offer: Annual Membership 

Annual membership normally costs £300, but for an upfront payment of £156.00 you will have a one-year membership to the JTF community at almost 50% off

SPECIAL OFFER: Coaching VIP Membership

With our VIP membership you pay just £200.00 which includes annual membership and 4 x 30-minute coaching sessions. These coaching sessions will be exclusively for you and so will be catered to and focussed around your goals and projects. These sessions can be spread out over a period of time and worked around your availability 

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