"The main objective of this book is motivation. My story proves that anyone can make their dreams come true" Melissa Doussey

Starting from the Bottom Up 

By Melissa Doussey

Are you looking to make a dream of yours a reality this year? Even if you feel like you don't have what it takes, what you have right now is enough to get started - this book is proof of that!

Starting from the Bottom Up is a very open and honest account of author Melissa Doussey's journey to creating and building her very own creative business with no startup capital, funding or financial support. She shares her thoughts, feelings, mishaps and achievements and provides some great tips for the reader, based on lesson learnt along the way. 

Covering the transition from 9-5 to self employed, to businessperson this book covers the good, the bad and the great of stepping out into the "self made" world. 

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Take a look at what some of our readers have said about Starting from the Bottom Up

"Must Read!"

"A refreshing insight into the highs and lows of ‘being your own boss’. An inspiring guide for struggling entrepreneurs and those who are thinking of leaving their 9-5. Practical guidance and tips on how to grow your own business into a success - must read!" Amazon customer

"An Inspiring Read"

"An inspiring read which enriches your mind to achieve your dreams and understand your reasons to achieve them. Helpful Book" Sabrina

"Fantastic Read"

"This was a really easy to read book and is packed full of motivation and inspiration. There are so many great real life examples to go along with the steps provided. I don’t think that it is only applicable to those who want to start a business, but also for any life goals you can think of! I absolutely recommend this book" Lisa

A Word From The Author

“We all love books that can provide some sort of motivation and inspiration, but how many books and stories have we read of successful people, who don't provide a clearly illustrated journey of just how they got to the "top" from seemingly nowhere? I wanted to make something of my passion and literally started doing so from the bottom. In my book I provide a very real, interesting insight into the ups and downs, bumps and successes of my journey to entrepreneurialism. This book isn't a "how to" or "everything you need to know..." kind of book, but it does contain some great practical advice based on my very own experiences - good and bad. It also isn't only for those wanting to be in business. It is an account of a true journey from below ground zero, serving as a motivational tool for anyone wanting to make a dream come to life. If like me, you didn't start out in life with the most stable foundation, or if for some reason you feel even the slightest bit inadequate when thinking about your goals and dreams, this book is a must-read! 

Start investing in your dreams! For a small, one-off investment of £3.50 you will get yourself a great (and even slightly humorous) read as well as some motivation to help you along your own journey to your personal promised land.”

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